The College-Bound Chronicles Podcast: Advice for Parents embarking on the College Admissions Process

Sep 19, 2012

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Introducing The College-Bound Chronicles! A podcast series for parents in the midst of the college admissions process with their children. Advice and information from the parent perspective with Dr. Nancy Berk, psychologist, mother and author or College Bound and Gagged, and Lian Dolan, mother and host of The Chaos Chronicles.

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Four New Episodes Up Now! Each 25 podcast is jam-packed with information and action items from Dr. Nancy Berk and Lian’s angst. 

The College- Bound Chronicles 101: Getting Started on the  College Admission Process

Direct download: College_Bound_Chronicles_101.mp3
The College- Bound Chronicles 102: Planning and Taking the College Tour

Direct download: College_Bound_Chronicles_102_2.mp3


The College- Bound Chronicles 103: How to Handle the Other Parents

Direct download: College_Bound_Chronicles_103.mp3


The College- Bound Chronicles 104: Application Do’s and Dont’s

Direct download: college_bound_chronicels_104.mp3
Our goal with The College- Bound Chronicles is to give you advice, information and a soft place to land when the process makes you crash! This week’s episodes include advice on:

  • How to handle overly competitive parents
  • How to plan a college tour with your child
  • Advice for parents on what not to say, do, wear or expect during the college tour
  • The benefit of using college websites for video tours
  • How to find Truth Telling Parents
  • What to say if your child isn’t applying to college
  • Standardized answers to the endless questions
  • What colleges are really looking for in an applicant
  • How to hold it together emotionally when your child is driving you crazy
  • Should you fill in your child’s application
  • Why parents shouldn’t write the college essay
  • What parents can do
  • How to motivate your student to finish
  • College recommendation strategies
  • The Common Application vs. Priority Applications

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Our College Bound Chronicles motto: Keep Calm & Carry On.



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