Unlock the Secrets of Bordeaux’s Pride: The Burdigala Hotel

Step into Burdigala Hotel, where old-world charm meets modern in the heart of Bordeaux. Engage with the city's rich history whilst immersing yourself in the chic, contemporary .

Burdigala Hotel: The New Destination for Decor and Lifestyle

Named after Bordeaux's Latin moniker, Burdigala Hotel is the recent addition to the portfolio of Inwood Hotels. It is situated in Bordeaux's bustling business district, inviting both the travelling entrepreneurs and leisure seekers. The interior , carefully put together by Roque Interiors, sets the tone for an elegant and warm stay.

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The Transformation of a Historical Landmark

In 2021, Inwood Hotels initiated a competition to renovate the eldest hotel in Bordeaux. Roque Interiors emerged victorious and was entrusted to metamorphose the hotel into a space resonating with the lifestyle of visitors and locals alike. The hotel opened its doors once again in September , embracing its guests with a new aura.

Summoning the Art of Decors

Roque Interiors has meticulously crafted each corner of the hotel, right from the welcoming ambiance of the lobby. The features velvet seating and tailored walnut woodwork that adds to the warmth of the environment. The atrium houses a bar and an eye-catching spiral staircase. The hotel boasts 83 rooms, offering a variety ranging from deluxe rooms to duplexes and suites. Each room showcases distinctive designs, blending wood, brass, marble, and velvet seamlessly. Moreover, personalized touches in the rooms, different lighting scenarios, and custom-made exude a homely feel.

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An Array of Facilities and Services

Burdigala Hotel offers several amenities to its guests. The gastronomic restaurant, “Madame B,” serves seasonal delicacies and regional wines. The hotel also includes coworking spaces, a cinema, a game room, and a fitness room. The event venue, “Atelier Burdigala,” is fitted with seven seminar rooms and a retro bar. There is also an in-hotel shop selling decor items showcased in the rooms. A spa is expected to open soon.

The Burdigala Hotel is a “lifestyle cocoon” that nurtures warmth and sharing within its walls. Its strategic location, coupled with its thoughtfully designed decor and extensive facilities, make it an ideal choice for those seeking an authentic Bordeaux experience.

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