Is Your Old IKEA Furniture Now Worth A Fortune?

Believe it or not, the world of is attracting the attention of collectors and enthusiasts. Items that were once standard furnishings have now become valuable collectors' pieces. The humbly priced furniture is not just filling up homes, but also increasing in its worth with time.

The Rising Value of IKEA Furniture

As it was highlighted in , the value of certain IKEA furniture has seen a steady increase over the years. The Mushroom chair, an iconic model from the 1950s, has seen a particular surge in demand. In just two years, its value rocketed by 1176 euros. A pair of these trendy chairs were even auctioned by Philips for a staggering 170,395€.

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Other Anticipated High-value IKEA Pieces

Experts predict certain other IKEA furniture will also see an increase in their value by 2024. Among those are the vibrant Vilbert multicolor chair from the 1990s, the luxurious Amiral and Skopan collection armchairs, the vintage Impala armchair, and even the porcelain set from the 1700 Collection. Last but not least, the Bergslagen table also makes the list.

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Not All IKEA Products are Hits

Notwithstanding its successes, IKEA has its share of failures too. The AIR inflatable sofa, despite its innovative design, received a flurry of customer complaints. IKEA's director, Marcus Engman, acknowledged it as a “total failure”. It's been widely recognized as one of the worst IKEA ever sold.

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