Discover the Clooneys’ Jaw-Dropping New French Estate

Global superstars George and Amal Clooney have taken their latest step in acquisition, buying a blink-and-you'll-miss-it property in the heart of Provence, France. Adding to their international portfolio, the Clooneys have invested in the 18th-century Canadel estate, famous in the village of Brignoles, in the Var department.

Canadel Estate – A Hidden Gem

The Canadel estate is no modest investment. The 900-square-meter building plays a central role in the property, situated on an astonishing 172-hectare expanse of land. It's not just the size that's impressive though. The property is a calming , cocooned by forests and olive groves, adorned with a vineyard, lake, and field of blossoming lavender.

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Renovation on the Horizon

But the Clooneys don't plan to simply sit back and enjoy the view. They have big plans for revamping the estate. Using expert Italian workers and high-end Parisian decorators, the will breathe a new life into the already beautiful property. In addition to the interior decorations, the Clooneys have their eyes set on a few lavish exterior installations, including a pool, tennis court, and a pine grove.

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Bidding Farewell to Other Properties

The acquisition of the Canadel estate comes alongside the release of other treasured properties from the Clooneys' portfolio. They have waved goodbye to their much-adored in Lake Como, Italy, as well as their Georgian manor located in Berkshire, UK.

Why Provence?

It's not just the charm of the French countryside that has pulled the Clooneys towards Provence. They were drawn in by the exceptional quality of life offered by the region. In doing so, they join a long list of celebrities, including the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who have similarly recognized the allure of the Provencal way of life.

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