Johnny Hallyday’s Million Euro Villa No One Wants to Buy: Why?

For sale: The captivating of the late rocker and his wife Laetecia. Situated in the serene region of Marnes-la-Coquette in West , this stunning property awaits its next owner. Despite the avid fans who continue to show their respect and admiration for Johnny by visiting the villa, there has been a lack of potential buyers.

Challenges in Selling the Property

The villa, originally priced at a whopping 15 million euros, had its price tag reduced twice. Initially to 11 million euros and now, it currently stands at 10.5 million euros. It's speculated that the hesitance in potential buyers could stem from the apprehension of living in a house previously occupied by such an iconic figure.

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Villa Entrustment to Esteemed Real Estate Agency

Laeticia Hallyday initially entrusted the sale of the property to the highly regarded Kretz family, known for their dealings with properties. They are significantly recognized from the Netflix series, L'Agence. An elaborate promotional video of this luxurious villa was shared on the agency's website, captivating the attention of many. However, Laeticia Hallyday later decided to withdraw the sale mandate from this agency.

A Peek Inside ‘La Savannah’

If you've ever wondered about the amenities of this villa named ‘La Savannah', you're in for a treat. Covering an impressive park of 7000 m² and an interior area of 1000 m², the property offers a plethora of deluxe features.

  • Outdoor features include a breathtaking swimming pool, a spacious terrace perfect for relaxing, and a stunning .
  • Inside, the villa boasts parquet flooring and a cozy fireplace, giving it a warm and inviting ambiance.
  • Multiple bedrooms and bathrooms ensure enough space for a comfortable living.
  • For entertainment, residents can enjoy a cinema, a game room, and a gym.
  • Lastly, the villa also houses a wine cellar, adding to its luxury appeal.
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All these features together make it a place worth the investment. Will it attract a new buyer or continue to hold onto its past? Only time will tell.

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