Revealed: The Worst Place to Put Your Microwave!

Your microwave is a key player in your , but where you place it can have a significant impact on your kitchen's look, , and even your electricity bill.

One of the absolute worst spots to set up your microwave is above the stove. Not only does this create a visual imbalance, it can invite unnecessary clutter, especially if the appliances don't share a cohesive . Perhaps most significantly, it can negatively affect the microwave's performance due to heat from the stove.

Moving on, there are also other sections of your kitchen to steer clear of when locating your microwave. Placing your microwave directly next to the fridge is a no-go. Much like the stove situation, this can result in a displeasing visual imbalance and possibly lead to increased energy usage.

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Watch out for water! Setting your microwave near a sink or dishwasher is a safety hazard. If water accidentally splashes onto the microwave, it may result in damage or even a dangerous situation.

And let's not forget the main counter. While it might seem convenient, placing your microwave here can quickly eat up valuable space and can make your kitchen appear cluttered and chaotic.

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So, where are the more optimal locations for your microwave? One excellent option is integrating it into your kitchen cabinets. This not only keeps your kitchen looking sleek and uncluttered, but also provides the added bonus of being able to hide the appliance when it's not in use.

Another smart locale is embedded within your upper cabinets. This maintains a pleasing visual harmony in your kitchen and, just like integrating it, keeps the microwave out of your way when you're not using it.

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