The Shocking Transformation of Ophélie Winter After Moving to Reunion Island

Ophélie Winter, a famed and TV presenter, discovered her paradise on Reunion Island during the lockdown, calling it the transformative episode of her existence.

Moving to Reunion Island

The TV star relocated to the beautiful Saint-Gilles-les-Bains, where she resides in a stylish house with a pool, located in close proximity to the beach. On her Instagram, she divulged that she has finally found her joy on the island, living a harmonious life with nature and animals. Her decision to move was indeed a transformative one that she refers to as “the best decision of her life”.

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Rise to Fame

Winter skyrocketed to fame during the 1990s with her hit song “Dieu m'a donné la foi”. However, to escape media scrutiny, she deliberately disappeared from public view. In 2021 she released an autobiography titled “Résilience”. She made a remarkable TV comeback in , to celebrate the 30th anniversary of “Dance Machine” on W9.

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Overcoming Trauma

Unfortunately, Winter became a victim of a brutal burglary years ago. The attackers disfigured her with an iron bar, causing her to lose her nose. The reconstructive surgery performed subsequently did not yield the desired results. Despite enduring such a traumatic event, Winter chose to maintain an optimistic outlook and expressed gratitude for her life. Her focus on her physical appearance has diminished since the incident.

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