Discover the IKEA Collection That’s Breathing Life into the Classic 60s & 70s Designs!

Join us in exploring 's new Nytillverkad Collection, a celebration of the brand's 80-year legacy. This collection breathes new life into iconic pieces by incorporating modern elements to their timeless aesthetics.

Nytillverkad Collection Overview

Marking its third installment, the Nytillverkad Collection places a special focus on the designs of the 60s and early 70s. This era was known for its innovative and bold design choices, and it's no surprise that IKEA has chosen to revisit this period in their anniversary collection.

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Featured Pieces

The collection includes a number of hard-to-find classics that have been refreshed for the modern era. These include the Baggboda side table, the comfortable Sotenäs chair, the versatile Bullerremsa rug, and the vibrant SKÅLBODA orange chair.

Dyvlinge Chair: A Classic Reimagined

Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated pieces in the collection is the Dyvlinge Chair. This item, originally designed by Gillis Lundgren in the 1970s, has been redesigned to fit the modern household while preserving the essence of its predecessor, the Mila Chair.

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The Dyvlinge Chair is known for its , style, and inspiration drawn from sleek sports cars. The chair comes in a choice of black or green, maintaining a versatile color palette that can fit into any home .

Often referred to as the “anti-stress” chair, the Dyvlinge has an ergonomic design that promotes relaxation and stress relief. The chair is available for purchase at the price of €179.

In reviving these iconic furniture pieces, IKEA's Nytillverkad Collection pays tribute to its rich history while offering customers a fresh take on classic designs.

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