Shocking: Secrets Behind Journalist Christophe Beaugrand’s Luxurious Mansion

Renowned journalist Christophe Beaugrand, known for his participation in ‘Le Grand Concours', resides in a generous property in Sèvres, a locality in the Hauts-de-Seine region of .

The significant Sèvres residence, acquired in 2018, is a joint asset of Beaugrand and his husband, Ghislain Beaugrand-Gerin. The purchase followed the sale of their former situated in Essonne, which fetched them nearly 700,000 euros.

Exterior and Garden Features

Located on a vast 927 m² plot, their current home extends over three storeys. Noteworthy outdoor features include a swimming pool and a verdant . Catering to the needs of their child, the couple has added a trampoline, swing set, and a compact playhouse within the garden.

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Interior Decorations

The house's interior boasts an elegant and refined . Among the striking details are ceiling moldings, an impressive fireplace, and antique wooden floors that add an old-world charm to the house. The crowning feature of the house is arguably its veranda. This light-filled corner brings a sense of tranquility and serves as a cozy gathering spot for the family.

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