Uncover the French Celebrities’ Secret Getaway: Brittany!

Mélanie Thierry, an acclaimed actress recognized widely for her role in Ombline, shares her time between the city lights of and the tranquil coasts of Brittany, France. Alongside her, is her partner Raphaël, a highly appreciated singer, who enjoys the peacefulness and exceptional beauty of this region as much as she does.

Mélanie Thierry and Raphaël’s life in Brittany

The famous couple perceives Brittany as a place to unwind and escape from the energetic life of Paris. Raphaël goes a step further to describe their life in Brittany as a long holiday. On average, they spend around five weeks soaking in the sea breeze and serene environment of this region. Apart from the scenic landscapes, Raphaël also owns a small boat, providing them with the opportunity to explore the vast sea and savour the salty air frequently.

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Raphaël’s Artistic Inspiration

Moving beyond the sheer tranquility, Brittany also serves as a fount of motivation for Raphaël's creative process. The singer's album “Anticyclone” strongly resonates with the spirit of the region, gaining the description of “Breton” or “Atlantic” album. The album's cover photos, taken against the backdrop of Brittany, further underline the profound influence of the region on his work.

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Other Celebrities in Brittany

Brittany's appeal extends beyond Mélanie Thierry and Raphaël, attracting a list of other celebrities as well. Renowned personalities like Karine Ferri, Jean Imbert, Jane Birkin, Zazie and Alain Souchon, all enjoy the benefits of having a house in Brittany. Some have made this region their permanent abode, while others use it as a retreat or their second .

Note: The accompanying image does not represent Mélanie Thierry's house in Brittany.

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