Discover How an Actress Abandoned Paris for a Rustic Life

French actress Hélène de Fougerolles has traded her life in for the rustic charm of Southern France, seeking tranquillity and seclusion in a historic stone house nestled in the picturesque Lubéron.

Moving During a Challenging Time

April 2020 marked a significant change for the actress as she embarked on her journey from the bustling city to the serene landscapes of Vaucluse, Lubéron. The challenges posed by the lockdown served as a motivator for this bold move. Her new abode, a sun-drenched stone house, offers amenities such as a swimming pool and a bountiful vegetable .

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A Happy Gardener

Not merely content with enjoying the delights of her garden, Fougerolles has embraced the act of itself. A look at her Instagram feed reveals her flourishing into a self-proclaimed “happy gardener”. Regular updates showcase the fruits of her labour – a variety of plants including flowers and fresh, seasonal vegetables.

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Fishing for Gardening Tips

Intriguingly, the actress does not shy away from harnessing the collective wisdom of her followers. A case in point being when her tomato plants unexpectedly soared over 2 meters tall. She turned to her Instagram community, seeking their advice on how best to manage this unforeseen situation. It's evident that her love for gardening extends beyond the act itself, as she engages with others to learn and grow in her new passion.

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