Discover the Secret Ways to Guard Your Garden from Pests

Guard your from pests this October using these practical and ecological methods. For a flourishing garden that thrives, continue reading.

Utilisation de paillis pour protéger votre jardin

Mulch, including broken eggshells or walnut shell mulch, can effectively reduce the presence of pests such as snails. Placing these at the base of your plants, can deter pests, providing an extra layer of protection.

Insect-Protective Veil: A Robust Solution

An insect-protective veil shields your crops and fruit trees from damaging pests. This ecological solution helps keep away mites, beetles, and even avid birds. If you're growing radishes, rocket, tomatoes, or cabbages, using this veil is your best bet.

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Flowers as a Natural Repellent

Many flowers, like lavender, marigold, borage, and mint exude strong scents that deter pests. These plants serve a dual purpose by attracting beneficial pollinators such as bees. Plants such as basil can also be used for their repellent properties against spiders and asparagus beetles.

Benefit from Wormwood Plant

The wormwood plant is known for its anti-insect properties which make it a natural pest deterrent. This plant works particularly well against fleas, mites, and snails. Spraying a wormwood tea around your plants can provide a barrier against these pests, but remember to avoid spraying directly on the plants.

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Soapy Solution: An Easy Home Remedy

Making a soapy water solution for your garden plants can be an effective remedy against ants. Including a tablespoon of black soap per liter of water could work wonders. Onion peels, garlic-based decoction, and coffee grounds placed at the base of plants can also help eliminate ant colonies.

The Power of Auxiliary Insects

Another natural method involves introducing auxiliary insects into your garden. This biological control method helps regulate the population of unwanted pests. Ladybugs, for example, can handle the problems caused by mites with ease. Similarly, green lacewings are great if you're dealing with mites and spider mites as they feed on them.

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