Uncover Shocking Tricks to Slice your Ironing Time in Half!

Discover simple techniques and innovative technologies to reduce your ironing time. Learn how a hanger trick, white vinegar, and advanced appliances can be irreplaceable allies in your struggle against stubborn creases.

Use the Hanger Trick to Save Time

One of the simplest methods to cut down ironing time is to hang your clothes immediately after washing. This not only avoids creasing but also speeds up the drying process.

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White Vinegar: an Unexpected Ally Against Creases

Did you know that a mix of water and white vinegar can help with wrinkle removal? Simply spray your clothes with this concoction before ironing them. The vinegar doesn’t just help with crease removal, it also softens the fabric fibers. The result: ironing becomes quicker and easier.

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Embrace Advanced Technologies for Effortless Ironing

Let’s move on to the technological advancements that can help reduce ironing time. Consider, for instance, the Indesit Innex Steam washing machine. It uses steam technology to cut down your ironing time by as much as 30%.

  • The Philips Series 3000 handheld steamer is another advanced tool you can use. It’s perfect for quick, effortless ironing.
  • Or maybe you’d prefer the Steamone vertical steamer. Either way, these advanced tools make ironing less of a chore.
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