Discover the secret world of Chris Marques, the Dancing Champion!

Chris Marques, a renowned figure in the world of entertainment, has a story that is as intriguing as his dancing skills. Known for his roles on Dance with the Stars and Dream Team on TF1, the man's life off-camera is filled with mystery and inspiring experiences.

Professional Achievements

Apart from his prominent television presence, Marques boasts an impressive resume. He's not only a three-time world salsa champion but also lends his expertise as an artistic director and judge on Dance with the Stars. Moreover, Marques has showcased his skills as a choreographer for popular TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing and Your Face Sounds Familiar.

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The Enigma of His Residence

Marques' personal life, particularly his place of residence, has often been shrouded in secrecy. He previously stated that he lived in London. Yet, amidst Brexit complexities, Marques pondered returning to France. He didn't find suitable, opting instead for the serene beauty of Lamorlaye for his .

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Medical Misdiagnosis

Marques faced a significant medical scare at the age of 19. He was initially misdiagnosed with AIDS. The correct diagnosis, made later, was fibromyalgia. This personal experience with medical errors led him to advocate for increased awareness on the issue and offer support to those who have been victims of similar incidents.

The Private Persona

Marques is known for maintaining a low profile. Still, despite his reserved nature, he is renowned for his generosity and kindness. This combination of professional success and personal resilience make Chris Marques a truly multidimensional personality in the world of entertainment.

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