Attention Homeowners: Common Bathroom Design Errors That Might Cost You!

Discover the secrets to designing the perfect with Sophie Ferjani, a master of functional and aesthetic design. Her expert advice is sure to inspire and guide you in creating a bathroom that fits your needs and style.

Mastering Small Bathroom Design

Transforming a small bathroom into a functional and attractive space requires careful and organization. Sophie recommends the use of Italian-style showers to optimize space. A transparent shower wall can maintain visual space and avoid making the room appear smaller. Utilize the area under the sink basin to maximize and implement an ideal bathroom layout organized in a star pattern.

Common Design Mistakes to Avoid

Avoiding common design mistakes can save you time and money. Beware of incorrect planned drains or slopes and ensure strict standards are maintained for electrical outlets and water sources. It's best not to rely on plumbers for decoration advice.

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Furniture Choices for Storage Optimization

Choosing the right furniture greatly affects storage optimization. Drawers under the sink and suspended elements can help prevent water infiltration.

Adding Your Personal Touch

The bathroom isn't just a functional space – it's a canvas for your style. Treat it like any other room by decorating it in your preferred style, be it bohemian, jungle, or industrial. A large mirror can enhance the space, and choosing mirrors not specifically designed for bathrooms gives a wider selection.

Decorative Details

Consider structure and tile covering as part of the . Playing with tile design and placement can create interesting visual effects. Opt for oversized tiles or polished concrete for a unique, creative look – but remember the latter requires proper maintenance.

Shower or Bathtub?

Whether to choose a shower, bathtub, or both depends on your space and budget. The practicality of Italian-style showers cannot be overstated. Double sinks are not a necessity, but they can be a real estate selling point. Ultimately, choose what suits your personal needs and taste.

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Putting a Personal Stamp

Sophie's own bathroom choices reflect a blend of functionality and style. She favors a combination of a bathtub and a large Italian-style shower, a large single sink with two faucets, and a mix of vintage and modern materials. Her favorite decorative pieces include a smoke black shower partition, teak furniture, large pointed mirrors, and a multifunctional shower reinforcement bar.

Furniture Finish Choices

The finish on your bathroom furniture will depend on the materials and style of the bathroom. Sophie prefers a shiny finish on zellige and a matte finish for wood.

Top Tips for Bathroom Fittings

Aim for quality fittings for longevity and maintain them regularly to avoid water stains, especially in hard water areas.

Wallpaper in the Bathroom?

Yes, it's possible! Water-resistant and humidity-resistant wallpapers are available and can be applied directly to walls or tiles for a change from the usual paint or tiles.

The Bathroom of the Future

Sophie envisions future bathrooms as spaces focused on self-care, shunning overly connected objects like mirror TVs or connected scales. She is in favor of practical and seamlessly integrated automation, such as connected towel dryers or automatic lights.

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