Why Normandy is Becoming a Playground for Celebrities

Normandy, a serene region well-known for its charm, is a favourite spot for celebrities. This region shines with a modest elegance, a stark contrast to the flamboyant French Riviera.

The region's beauty extends beyond its tranquility and charm. It offers a palette of stunning landscapes, from magnificent cliffs and sandy beaches to green hills and picture-perfect villages.

Celebrities in Normandy

Normandy is to several celebrities. Trouville, for instance, hosts a number of . Acting legend Gérard Depardieu and Elisabeth occupy homes here, as do Bettina Rheims, Karl Zéro, José Garcia, and Marguerite Duras.

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Renowned filmmaker Claude Lelouch has taken up residence in a manor at Auberville. Television presenter Flavie Flament has rekindled her childhood memories at Villerville in Cotentin.

Then we have famous musician Gérald de Palmas, who owns property at Saint-Pierre-Azif. Not far away, Michel Sardou, a household name in French music, traded the hustle and bustle of for a grand white manor in Calvados where he now spends his time raising horses.

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Vacationing Celebrities

Not all celebrities call Normandy home, many choose it as their vacation spot. Among those who enjoy leisurely breaks in Normandy are Antoine de Caunes, Daphné Roulier, Sophie Davant, and Laurent Ruquier.

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