Is Natasha St-Pier Being Dropped from DwTS Because of Inès Reg?

Speculation is rife around the participation of Natasha St-Pier in the upcoming live show of “Dance with the Stars” on March 29, following an altercation with Inès Reg. There are high chances that she might be dropped from the show.

A Glimpse into Natasha’s Life

Aside from the ongoing controversy, Natasha leads a serene life in the South West of France, in the Landes region. She lives there with her husband, Grégory Quillacq, and their son, Bixente. Despite the tranquility of Landes, her work frequently takes her to the bustling city of and back.

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The singer has seamlessly integrated herself into the Landes community. Her days are filled with teaching yoga and sharing her vocal talents in local churches. This simple brings her immense satisfaction.

Natasha’s Connection to Paris

Natasha also has a residence in the suburbs of Paris, which she greatly admires for its quality of life. A nature enthusiast, she appreciates the proximity to outdoor activities that this location provides.

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Despite owning property in the Parisian suburbs, she has expressed a clear preference for areas offering more room and greenery. Consequently, she has no plans to return to central Paris for residence. Her heart seems set on the quiet charm of Landes and the suburban tranquility of Paris.

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