Bring Back Your Old Leather Boots to Life In Simple Steps!

Revitalize your leather boots back to their former glory with this comprehensive guide. Protect your faux leather boots, keeping them looking fresh and polished for longer.

Cleaning Leather Boots Prior to Restoration

Start the restoration process by eliminating grime and dirt with a gentle, soft brush. Following this, a combination of a moist cloth and saddle soap works efficiently for dust eradication. Remember to guard the leather against saturation with water.

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Leather Boot Conditioning and Drying

Post cleaning, air-dry the boots in a well-ventilated, shaded area, steering clear of direct sunlight or heat. Once dry, it's time to condition the boots. Conditioning aids in reinstating moisture and elasticity to the leather.

Leather Boot Polishing and Protection

After conditioning and allowing for ample absorption, polish your boots using a clean, dry cloth. For an additional sheen, consider applying shoe polish. Lastly, a transparent waterproofing spray is an effective barrier against rain damage.

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Cleaning Faux Leather Boots

Faux leather boots, alike their leather counterparts, require initial brushing with a soft brush. Rather than saddle soap, a mixture of dish soap and warm water proves to be a gentle cleaning solution. Post-cleaning, use a fresh, dry cloth for drying purposes.

Repairing Faux Leather Boots

Shoe polish or a colour marker work wonders on minor scuffs and scratches. If you notice detached parts or separated seams, a strong adhesive should do the trick. A faux leather-specific conditioner can enhance the boot's appearance.

Protection for Faux Leather Boots

Similar to leather boots, faux leather ones also benefit from a transparent waterproofing spray. Ensure you opt for a spray designed specifically for synthetic .

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