Discover the Star Living an Eco-Friendly Life in a French Castle!

You may know Lucie Lucas as the star of the show ‘Clem', but did you know that she is also a passionate ecologist who lives in a castle in , France? This isn't the typical celebrity lifestyle, Lucas is forging her own path and it's worth taking a closer look.

From City to Chateau

Lucas and her family made the move from the bustling city life of to the tranquil countryside of Brittany. Their isn't just any old house, but a grand castle nestled into a sprawling 27-hectare estate. Situated near Arguenon, this location serves as the perfect setting for their pursuit of a simpler, eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Lucas’ Love of Ecology

Lucas' commitment to the planet extends beyond mere words. Her passion for ecology is evident in the way she lives her life. One such example is the large she maintains with her partner, which features a giant ‘tree of life' . This garden is a testament to Lucas' dedication to the environment and her commitment to preserving nature.

More Than Just a Castle

Aside from her castle, Lucas also runs a farm on their estate. This isn't just a hobby – the farm serves a dual purpose. Not only does it allow Lucas and her family to grow their own fruits and vegetables, but it also houses a variety of farm animals, including goats.

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A Farm Market

But the fruits of their labor don't just fill their own . Lucas and her family also operate a small shop where they sell the produce from their farm. This initiative allows locals to access fresh, organic produce, promoting healthier eating habits within the community.

Workshops at the Farm

The farm is also a place of learning and creativity. Lucas offers workshops on crafting wildflower bouquets and making jam – activities that bring people closer to nature, and teach them the value of making things from scratch.

A Sanctuary for All Life

Lucas' farm is more than just a source of income or a way to live sustainably. She considers it a sanctuary where all life forms are valued. This perspective of valuing life in all forms is aligned with her passion for ecology and her commitment to preserving the planet.

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