Discover Shocking Ways to Maximize Your IKEA Purchases!

Are you a fan of ? Here's how to make the most of your purchases from one of the world's leading furniture and decor retailers.

Join the IKEA Family Program

Take advantage of IKEA's free loyalty program, IKEA Family. Not only does it offer free coffee or tea, it also allows you to earn €10 for every three checkouts. The program also applies to purchases made in the restaurant and Swedish grocery store.

Members of the IKEA Family can enjoy additional of up to 50% on certain products. As a member, you will also receive emails containing advantageous promotions.

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Additionally, IKEA Family membership provides a six-month warranty for items that are damaged during transport or assembly. This program also allows you to enjoy exclusive benefits like invitations, workshops for kids, and previews.

Discounted Products at IKEA

Don't forget to look out for discounted products located near the IKEA exit. You'll find items with unbeatable promotions, including end-of-stock items and those with minor defects. Some of these items could be half-priced, making it a great opportunity for bargain hunters.

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Stick to Your List

Avoid overspending by sticking to your shopping list. It's easy to get carried away by the wide array of stylish and products available in IKEA, so having a shopping list can help you stay focused and within budget.

A Note on Employee Discounts

Lastly, remember not to ask IKEA salespeople to use their employee discount. These discounts are personal and non-transferable. Instead, maximize your savings by joining the IKEA Family program.

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