Discover the Hidden Paradise Where François Damiens Escapes Fame

Belgian actor François Damiens relishes the peace and tranquility of his property on the secluded Île de Groix, a picturesque retreat away from the limelight. Stories float amongst the cliffs and wild coves of this Breton masterpiece. Dive in to uncover more!

Located in the Morbihan department of in the west of France, the Île de Groix stands as a serene . Appropriately dubbed the “Breton ”, this island offers an unmatched blend of wild ruggedness and refined elegance.

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François' fondness for the island's untouched charm and privacy is evident. The island, much loved for its authenticity and discreet nature, offers a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of a busy city. François describes it as the very antithesis of a bustling resort.

A Property Rich with History

The residence on Île de Groix carries a distinct historical significance. It was once the of estimable French director and screenwriter Jean-Pierre Mocky, adding a touch of cinematic grandeur to the property.

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A Frequent Retreat

Whether François harbors distant Breton roots remains a mystery. Nonetheless, his deep affinity for the ocean and the Île de Groix is clear. Partner Gaëlle regularly accompanies him, further affirming the island as a favorite retreat for the couple.

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