Zidane’s Insane Luxe Villa in Madrid that You Won’t Believe

Imagine a footballing legend making his in the heart of Madrid, in a lavish perfectly tailored to his tastes. This is the reality for Zinedine Zidane, the former star of the French national team.

Not Just Any Villa in Madrid

Zidane's residence isn't any ordinary house. It's situated in one of the most prestigious areas of the Eastern part of the Spanish capital. The expanse of the property is quite impressive, covering more than 1000 square meters.

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The Family Home

Zidane isn't the only one calling this grand villa home as his family also resides there. His children Enzo, Luca, Théo, and Elyaz, all share this luxurious house with him.

Architectural Brilliance

With a hefty price tag of 6 million euros, the house was erected in 2003 under the expert guidance of Joaquin Torres. Torres, a renowned architect known for his elegant designs, reportedly drew inspiration from the George V hotel in . This is a location where Zidane is said to frequent regularly.

Amenities of the Property

The property doesn't lack any facility that justifies its price. It boasts a large , a swimming pool, and even a private football field. The landscaping was meticulously done by a top-rated landscaper recognized for his creative work at Port Aventura amusement park, providing a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere.

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Luxurious Interior

The interior of the house matches the outside grandeur. It's stylish and polished, providing a perfect setting of and for Zidane and his family. The 1000 square meter villa is divided over two levels and offers ample and well-planned spaces, perfect for family life and relaxation.

A Dash of French Connection

While Madrid is now home for Zidane, he still holds strong ties with France. He regularly visits his circle of family and friends near Marseille, cherishing the moments of reconnection with his roots.

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