Warning: Not Your Usual Valentine’s Day Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift or ideas for Valentine's Day? Dive into the latest and gift suggestions to leave a lasting impression this year.

Gift Ideas for Decor Enthusiasts

For those with an affinity for embellishments, new bed sheets could be the key to their heart. Brands such as Essix, Carré Blanc, and Linvosges offer a wide range from which to choose. Alternatively, scented candles, especially those made from natural wax for the environmentally conscious, can be a delightful choice. Pick from brands like Esteban, Belaia, or Diptyque. Lastly, a vase from Hay, HK Living, or Baccarat would be an ideal present for anyone who loves arranging flower bouquets at home.

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Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

If you want to give something out of the ordinary this year, consider a high-quality tea box from La maison Grands Jardins. For a touch of eternal romance, why not opt for a glass cloche with an ever-lasting red rose from Flowrette? It's a splendid alternative to the traditional flower bouquet.

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Latest Valentine’s Day Decoration Trends

When it comes to decorating your space for Valentine's Day, some trends are best left in the past. This year, it's all about soft, clean colors that create a delicate and romantic atmosphere. Shades such as off-white, sage green, salmon pink, and pastel blue are top picks. To add a personal touch, incorporate black and white photos of you and your partner. Similarly, choosing a timeless dried flower bouquet over commonly seen red flowers can make your decor stand out in a sea of red hearts and balloons.

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