Unbelievable New Store Opening Alert: Kave Home in Lyon!

Get ready to dive into a world of stylish, chic and contemporary . The renowned Spanish brand, Kave , has just launched its fifth store in France, right in the heart of Lyon.

The new addition to the Kave Home family is situated in the distinguished Hôtel-Dieu building, right in the city center. This follows the recent opening of another Kave Home store in Metz back in June. The choice of location, an emblematic building of Lyon, underlines the brand's commitment to premium positioning.

The store spans an impressive 1500 square meters, spread across two floors. Visitors to the store can expect to find the diverse collections that Kave Home is known for. The immersive experience offered by the brand promises to engage and delight all who step within its doors.

The Aesthetics

As with other Kave Home locations, the Lyon store embodies an aesthetic that is clean, contemporary, and tastefully understated. The use of neutral colors, high-quality materials and organic shapes are a signature of the brand. Customers can look forward to exploring different settings for each room of the house, all meticulously arranged to inspire and offer ideas.

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The Atelier Space

A aspect of the Kave Home store in Lyon is the Atelier space. This special area is designed to offer personalized interior advice. The service is open to both individuals and professionals alike, and has a dedicated team of experts on hand to help bring even the most ambitious projects to life.

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Visitors to the Atelier can expect more than just expertise. The area is equipped with a wide assortment of materials and iMacs to offer a truly immersive customer experience. Complemented by a special creativity and follow-up service, the Atelier aims to assist each customer in achieving their dreams.

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