Discover The Parisian Haven of Belgian Actress Virginie Efira!

Dive into the Parisian life of Belgian actress Virginie Efira, her partner Niels Schneider, and her daughter Ali. They reside in a spacious apartment near Bastille. This is not just a dwelling but also a personal retreat for the actress.

Virginie's home, nestled in the heart of , offers not just a place to live but also a special room located on the landing. This personal sanctuary offers her a much-needed retreat from the intense demands and proximity of motherhood.

The Special Room: A Personal Retreat

This special room, described by Efira herself as an extraction space, is a compact 10 square meter area. Despite its small size, the room is cherished for its calming and rejuvenating properties.

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Interior Details

The room's walls are adorned with precious tapestries. The ambience is further enhanced by dimmed lights, which cast a warm glow on the golden trinkets used for . A night blue velvet sofa is a standout piece, adding a touch of elegance and .

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The unique , coupled with its purpose, gives the room a boudoir-like feel. It's a peaceful haven where Efira retreats, escaping from the everyday routine and indulging in a moment of tranquillity.

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