Discover the Shocking Life Change of Former Miss France

Former Miss France, Laury Thilleman, has made a fresh start in the picturesque Basque Coast after parting ways with Chef Juan Arbealez in May 2022. Her newfound freedom is reflected in her beachfront house, her love for surfing, and her striking interior .

Shifting Sands

Thilleman has put down roots on the spectacular Basque Coast. She was drawn to its wild beauty and chose to buy a house right on the beach. The close proximity to the ocean is ideal for her as she finds tranquility in surfing and spending time by the water.

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A Home with Character

The house emanates a and coastal ambience, a direct reflection of Thilleman's aesthetic and . The interior decor includes charming elements like surfboards, rattan tables, and comfy chairs, adding to its laid-back allure. The structure features white-painted beams, bringing a fresh and airy feel to the space.

Podcasting from the Coast

The house does not only serve as a but also as the recording location for her popular podcast, “Comment tu fais ?”. In an episode from September 2022, Thilleman shared updates about her life, expressing joy in her solo living arrangement, her travels, and her renewed connection with herself, others, and nature.

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Life at the Beach

Thilleman fills her days with surfing and relishing the sunsets at Anglet beach. Her close connection with her surroundings is evident in her lifestyle and the content she shares on social media. She frequently posts on Instagram, allowing followers a peek into her daily life and occasionally giving them a glimpse of her beautifully decorated .

Seasonal Moments

In a recent shift from her usual beach and surfing-centric posts, Thilleman shared a special milestone. She revealed that she had decorated her first adult tree, adding another heartwarming dimension to her new life on the beautiful Basque Coast.

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