Discover the Secret Sleep Hack: The Magic of Lavender

Struggling with sleep troubles? Consider using lavender under your pillow for a better night's rest.

Sleep can be elusive for many, with a multitude of factors potentially interfering with a restful night. These may include -related issues, anxiety, certain medications, and choices, among others. One natural aid that has gained popularity over time is lavender, used in various forms to combat sleep problems.

The Benefits of Lavender

Lavender is beneficial in multiple ways. Not only can it assist in calming the nervous system, but it can also reduce anxiety, boost mood, restore energy and even lower heart rate.

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How to Use Lavender for Sleep

One effective method is to create a lavender pillow. To do this, simply fill a sock or small fabric bag with dried lavender. For a more potent scent, try adding 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil. This “remedy” can then be placed under your pillow to promote a more restful night's sleep.

Lavender can also be diffused on your pillow or the solar plexus, diluted in vegetable oil. Remember, it's always important to get advice from a healthcare professional before use, particularly for expectant mothers.

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Choosing the Right Lavender

There are various lavender species, each with its qualities. Fine lavender, for instance, is famed for its calming properties. Identifying true lavender can be done by checking the flower color, which is typically shades of blue and violet.

Conveniently, lavender essential oil can also be carried in a handbag, coming in handy during instances like a sudden headache or panic attack.

Lavender and Health

It's worth noting that sleep plays a significant role in bodily functions. It's during this period that the body repairs itself and boosts its immune system. So, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is not just a matter of – it's a matter of health and wellbeing too.

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