How ‘Griselda’ is Revolutionizing Style and Home Decor

Netflix's series Griselda captures the glamorous and audacious style of a 1970s mob wife, gaining significant attention in the realm of and .

Griselda: A Unique Aesthetic Style

Produced by Netflix and featuring Sofia Vergara, Griselda centers around the life of real-life drug queenpin, Griselda Blanco. The series breaks away from the usual South Florida stereotypes, showcasing an intriguing aesthetic. The series' color palette consists predominantly of earthy shades; heavy doses of brown, gold, mustard yellow, and orange frame each scene. Fur blankets, velvet armchairs, leopard carpets, and wooden tables are highlights of the sets, underscoring a strong animal world theme.

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Resurgence of the Mob Wife Style

The Mob Wife style, characterized by a luxurious and exuberant display of wealth, is experiencing a revival in the world of fashion and decor. This trend is marked by faux fur coats, appealing dresses, leather jackets, and large gold jewelry, all adorned with animal prints. The influence of this style has not stopped at clothing. It has permeated home decor, resulting in bold, glamorous, and opulent interiors.

The New Decor Mantra: ‘Less is Bore’

The days of minimalist decor, encapsulated by the saying ‘Less is More,' are making way for a new mantra, ‘Less is Bore.' Simplicity no longer holds sway. On the contrary, the emphasis has now shifted to flamboyant elements, rich textures, vibrant , and eccentric patterns.

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Adopting the Mob Wife Style at Home

Looking to imbibe the Mob Wife style into your home decor? This style, defined by glamour and audacity, can be easily incorporated. pieces like zebra chairs, deep-colored maximalist , and fur blankets can transform any space. Accessorize with wall tapestries, leopard print lamps, and crystal chandeliers for that quintessential Mob Wife look. Metallic curtains and gold Versace-style dishes add an extra layer of opulence.

The key to mastering this style lies in creating an atmosphere that encapsulates the sensual and mysterious essence of the Mob Wife persona. A carefully planned lighting scheme can greatly augment this ambiance. Dim lighting, in particular, can lend your space an intimate and mysterious aura, fully embracing the Mob Wife aesthetic.

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