Discover Lucie Socrate: an unexpected champion of interior design

Renowned for her bold and unexpected , Lucie Socrate, an interior designer, weaves a tapestry of cheerful interiors. Merging vintage finds with personal creations, she crafts dynamic compositions that not only please the eye but also tickle the imagination.

Lucie's journey into the world of interior began only recently, in 2021. With a background in , she took on the challenge of training as an interior architect, leveraging her innate sense of style and aesthetics. Her studio is a testament to her bold universe, a ‘feel-good' space that seeks to preserve and embrace the history of places and their resources.

Her creative approach is shaped by her preferences in colors and materials. Lucie is particularly fond of pairing winter colors such as garnet, purple, and eggplant with summer hues like powder pink, orange, and jungle green. Glass is her material of choice, appreciated for its versatility in shape and use, and its recyclable

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One of Lucie's favorite designers is Timothée Leclabart, known for his ‘Boo' creations. These pieces, which stand as a fusion between seats and totems, are rife with energy and cheerfulness, reflecting Lucie's own aesthetic.

Lucie's recent acquisition is a stirring photograph titled “Temple à Harlem” by Romain Laprade. His unique perspective that finds beauty in the mundane resonates with Lucie, evident in her own design philosophy.

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When it comes to , Lucie's go-to spot is General Store, a purveyor of mid-century Scandinavian style . This is her trusted source when looking for the perfect teak sideboard to accent her spaces.

Valentine Benoist, a ceramicist, holds a special place in Lucie's list of artisans. She finds poetry in Valentine's ability to weave together rough and soft elements, a harmony that she seeks to replicate in her own work.

Lucie appreciates architectural details, particularly the rhythm created by alternating full and empty spaces, and the interplay of materials. She points to the Yves Saint Laurent museum in Marrakech, designed by Studio KO, as embodying these elements perfectly.

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