Living in a Shoebox: The Latest Micro-Living Trend

Discover the world of Tiny Houses: these small, eco-friendly dwellings offer a minimalist , are , and can be a great option for vacations or long-term living.

Maximizing Space in Tiny Houses

One of the main challenges of living in a Tiny House is efficiently using the limited space. Not to worry, with a few smart choices, even the smallest of dwellings can feel spacious and comfortable.

  • Make use of vertical space by adding shelves or building mezzanines.
  • Invest in multifunctional . For example, a bed that can be converted into a couch or a dining table that can also serve as a workspace.
  • Use light colors for your interior and mirrors to reflect light, both of which can create an illusion of more space.
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Stunning Tiny Houses Around the Globe

For a dose of inspiration, here are some examples of beautifully designed Tiny Houses from different corners of the world.

  1. Panorama Glass Lodge, Iceland: This lodge is a blend of glass and wood, offering stunning views of surrounding mountains and fjord.
  2. Nolla Cabin, Finland: A 9 square meter pinewood tipi with a mirrored roof.
  3. Bruny Island Hideaway, Tasmania: A 28 square meter private retreat featuring Japanese minimalist .
  4. Parcel Tiny House, France: An autonomous tiny house nestled in the vineyards of Saint-Émilion.
  5. Casa Rosalie, France: This Tiny House has a design, with its own private pools and panoramic views of the surrounding
  6. Raus, Germany: These eco-design cabins are located in various natural settings.
  7. Muji Hut, Japan: A 9 square meter haven of minimalism.
  8. Mushroom Dome Cabin, California, US: A glass dome cabin tucked away in a redwood forest.
  9. Ecocapsule, Slovakia: An oval-shaped mobile mini-house.
  10. The Escher, Tennessee, US: A fully customizable tiny house.
  11. The Minim House, Washington, US: Known for its functional and clever design.
  12. The Maisie, New York, US: Offering modern amenities and panoramic views.
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Be it for a holiday getaway or a permanent residence, Tiny Houses offer a simple, sustainable and cost-effective solution. By adopting a minimalist approach, not only can we live comfortably within a limited space, but we can also reduce our ecological footprint.

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