Not Your Grandma’s Advent Calendars: Bold 2023 Designs to Look For

The festive season is around the corner and nothing says countdown better than Advent calendars. They have become a staple of the holiday season and there's no shortage of unique and stylish designs to choose from for .

Trendy Advent Calendars for Decor Enthusiasts

For those who love to incorporate their passion for decor into their Christmas traditions, a range of Advent calendars designed specifically for decoration lovers are available. Brands have been pulling out all the stops to collaborate with major houses to create unique calendars that will take center stage in any .

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Durance’s Candle Festivity

Among the offerings, Durance has released a candle Advent calendar. Sporting a chic blue night decoration with hints of gold, it brings an elegant touch to any room.

Yankee Candle’s Fragrant Selection

Not to be outdone, Yankee Candle offers its own unique take on the tradition with an Advent book. Inside, you'll find a variety of tea lights and votive candles, each giving off a different fragrance to deck your halls in olfactory delight.

Unprecedented Collaborations

The collaborations for 2023 promise to be unlike anything seen before. Diptyque, for instance, has partnered with Pinel et Pinel to create an oversized Advent trunk. The trunk showcases 25 handcrafted drawers filled with a mix of perfumes, candles, and decoration items.

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Similarly, Maison Sarah Lavoine and Oh My Cream have collaborated to put together an exceptional Advent calendar. It includes 25 carefully picked clean beauty products, all housed in a vibrant case designed by Sarah Poniatowski herself.

Do-it-yourself Advent Calendars

For those who prefer a more personal touch, calendars can be a fun and creative project. It allows for the creation of personal surprises like inspiring notes, manual activities, special cooking recipes, or small handmade decorative items. These can be placed in decorated boxes, bags, or envelopes for a personal and heartfelt countdown to Christmas.

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