Discover Lisa Gachet’s Eye-Popping Debut in Home Decor!

Known for her vibrant, joy-filled designs, Lisa Gachet, the name behind the fashion brand Make My Lemonade, now reveals her debut line, The Lemonade .

Lisa Gachet: The Colorful and Joyful Universe

Gachet is celebrated for her , colorful creations that are designed to bring a dash of joy. Her previous successful partnerships with brands like Monoprix and Maisons du Monde have clearly demonstrated her distinct style. Now, she is ready to bring her artistic vision straight into your homes with The Lemonade Home collection.

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The Lemonade Home: A Symphony of Colors and Joy

With this collection, Gachet brings her unique and imaginative creations into the world of interiors. The elements are far from being repetitive or previously seen. Featuring pop colors, floral and graphic patterns, wavy lines, and organic shapes, she has taken inspiration from the Memphis style, resulting in designs that are vibrant and filled with emotion. This collection seeks to dispel the winter gloom with a burst of bright colors.

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The Lemonade Home: A Commitment to Ethics and Quality

Authenticity and quality are deeply ingrained in Gachet's approach to design. The collection, which took more than two years to craft, embodies these principles. Most of the pieces have been produced in Portugal, a tribute to the country's traditional craftsmanship. The embroidered home linens, crafted with impeccable detail, are made in India, another country renowned for its unique craftsmanship.

The collection, which includes small , home linens, and decorative objects, is priced between 18 and 520 €, ensuring that it caters to a wide range of budget preferences. It can be found in-store at 61 Quai de Valmy in , or for those who prefer online shopping, it can also be purchased via the brand's website.

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