Beware! Here’s Why You Should Wait to Put Up Your Christmas Decorations

The season of festivities is fast approaching and the question on everyone's mind is, “When is the right time to put up ?” The answer is more flexible than you might think.

While the month of November often stirs the desire to start decorating, the Christian tradition suggests that Christmas trees and decorations should not make their appearance until the 24th of December. Then again, there are those who propose that the should wait until after Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the third Thursday of November, or post Saint Nicholas' Day.

Decorate Early, Reap Benefits

There's no rule against taking out your festive decor early, be it from the beginning or mid-November. In fact, science is on the side of those who like to kick off their festivities early.

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A study by psychoanalyst Steve Mckeown found that putting up Christmas decorations early can increase happiness. This is because these decorations often evoke childhood memories and magical moments, triggering a dopamine spike – the “feel-good” hormone. Moreover, an early start to the festive can also help combat seasonal depression, allowing for a longer period to enjoy the Christmas ambiance.

Decoration Trends for 2023/2024

As you think about when to decorate, you might also want to consider the latest decoration set to make waves in /2024:

  • Earthy like wood, orange, and terracotta
  • A trend towards no tree, with a focus on handmade decorations
  • The disco style, bringing back the vibrancy of the 70s
  • A blend of traditional and “funky” ornaments
  • Mushroom-themed decorations
  • The minimalist “Baby tree” style
  • Rustic decorations for a cozy, homely feel
  • And finally, the “Grandpa chic” style – a nod to vintage and antique decor
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Finishing the Festivities

While the excitement of putting up decorations is thrilling, a question that often comes later is regarding when to take them down in 2024. Regardless of when you choose to start or end the decoration process, the key is to enjoy the process and embrace the joy and warmth it brings.

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