Shocking! TV Star Hanouna’s Spectacular Hollywood Home flip

If the idea of living like a celebrity appeals to you, then you might be intrigued by the recent dealings of Cyril Hanouna, a well-known but contentious television presenter on C8.

Jumping across the pond, Hanouna didn't just settle for a house anywhere in the United States, he went straight for a luxurious property situated in the glamorous Hollywood Hills. This desirable location is renowned for its star-studded inhabitants, and Hanouna's recently purchased house was no exception. The previous occupants were renowned art dealers and collectors, Jean-Jacques and Julie Darmon.

A Pricey Venture

Jumping into the high-end housing market certainly cost Hanouna a pretty penny. His new purchase cost him a substantial 5 million euros. This is undoubtedly a considerable sum, yet it seems the investment was worth it, at least for a short period of time.

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A Quick Turnover

Much to everyone's surprise, Hanouna sold his new house after a scant two months of ownership. He sold the property for a remarkable 6 million euros, pocketing a cool 400,000-dollar profit in the process. When questioned about the rapid sale, Hanouna cited a busy schedule as the driving factor behind his decision.

Luxurious Features

The house that briefly belonged to Hanouna is no ordinary . Constructed in 2008, the stand-alone spans an impressive 400 square meters. Step inside and you'll find four commodious bedrooms and six luxurious bathrooms.

  • The is a dream for any culinary enthusiast, boasting high-end appliances set within a roomy layout.
  • The , with its grand fireplace, invites coziness and warmth.
  • For those who enjoy their entertainment, a cinema room ensures movie nights will never be the same.
  • and wellbeing are also catered to with a fully outfitted spa and a gym.
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Yet, the opulence doesn't stop at the internal features. The exterior of the house is a marvel in its own right. A striking waterfall descends from the top of the house, ending in a refreshing pool. For a final touch, the property affords breathtaking views of Los Angeles, reminding one of the exclusivity and glamor associated with Hollywood living.

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