Disturbing ‘Death Bed’ Concept in Feng Shui Could Ruin Your Sleep

, an ancient Chinese discipline, offers insights into augmenting and overall well-being and through strategic bed placement within the bedroom. A notable attribute of this practice is its emphasis on the synergy between the environment and the vital energy, also known as “chi”.

Feng Shui Principles for Bed Positioning

The arrangements of the bed, according to Feng Shui, have a direct implication on the quality of sleep and protection of the sleeper's vital energy. The key propositions include the head of the bed being positioned to offer a clear view of the bedroom door, but it should not align directly with the door.

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Feng Shui's “Death Bed” Concept

In the realm of Feng Shui, sleeping with feet directed towards the bedroom door is perceived to bring adverse luck. This belief is rooted in the Chinese tradition of transporting the departed through doors feet first. This bed positioning is believed to hinder the optimal energy flow, leading to discomfort or irritability that inhibits truly restful sleep.

“Sky Beam” in Feng Shui

Feng Shui also discourages the positioning of the bed under a visible beam, a layout referred to as the “sky beam”. The rationale behind this principle is that the vital energy or “chi” gets compacted and potentially negative when sleeping under a beam, which is often associated with recurrent nightmares and a sense of oppression during sleep.

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Preferred Bed Positions as per Feng Shui

Feng Shui proposes certain optimal places to position your bed in the bedroom. The head of the bed should preferably be directed towards the north for enhancing sleep quality. The bed must not be positioned directly before the door, although a clear view of it is recommended. This area is commonly referred to as the “commanding” sector of the room.

The bed also ought to be supported by a wall, ideally a load-bearing one. However, it is crucial to avoid positioning the bed under a window or any sharp, heavy, or aggressive object.

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