Discover Popstar Louane’s Luxurious Parisian and Mediterranean Homes!

Popstar judge Louane, who is currently touring her album Sentiments, has revealed intimate details about her residences in and Marseille.

Louane’s Apartment in Montmartre

Louane calls the charming neighborhood of Montmartre, Paris, home. A childhood memory with her father influenced her decision to settle here. Inside her apartment, the eye-catching features include a glass roof and elegant parquet flooring.

As her daughter Esmée matures, born in 2020, she needed to upgrade to a larger space. The revamped apartment hosts an elegant black and beige kitchen stuffed with retro-inspired Smeg appliances. The mezzanine, equipped with a desk, overlooks the light-filled living room, providing a spacious feel to the residence.

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Her love for exquisite decoration manifests in wavy mirrors, organic-shaped coffee tables, and timber elements with gold accents. Her sense of style extends to her dressing room that doubles as a guest bedroom. Interior designer Eugénie Rapin gave it a fresh look with a distinctive wooden headboard and closets painted a subtle old rose color.

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As for Esmée's room, it was redesigned to feature a realistic cloud-shaped lamp that casts a gentle light across the room.

The Marseille Retreat

Besides her chic Parisian apartment, Louane owns a property in Marseille. Here she retreats with her partner Florian Rossi and their daughter whenever they can. She refers to the house as secluded and modern, enmeshed in a sea of greenery that gives it the vibe of a village setting.

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