Discover the Unbelievable Transformation of a Once Drab Apartment!

Carine's 70 square meter apartment, hidden away in the heart of Lyon, was once nothing short of unappealing. Now, thanks to the talents of Célia Reubrecht from Craie Craie agency, it has undergone an extraordinary transformation into a colorful and bucolic sanctuary.

Masterful Kitchen and Bedroom Makeover

The kitchen and bedroom have been completely overhauled, having their full potential skilfully actualised. The charm of the traditional Haussmannian codes – moldings, woodwork, Hungarian point parquet, and marble fireplace, for instance – has been preserved, striking a harmonious balance with the modern and innovative elements introduced.

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Invoking Nature with Panoramic Decor

The living room's woodwork has been painted a vibrant shade of turquoise, adding a pop of colour to the space and providing a beautiful contrast to the lush nature motif of the panoramic decor that has been added. This fusion of colour and nature breathes life into the room, creating a perfect spot for relaxation.

Curved Storage Units and Glass Island

Curved storage units, presented in alternating shades of light oak and powdered pink, not only add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the apartment but provide much-needed storage. Furthermore, the introduction of a glass fluted central island brings an element of transparency, contributing to the sense of spaciousness in the apartment.

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Bedroom Transformed for Carine’s Lifestyle

The bedroom has been remodeled not only for aesthetics but also for practicality, ensuring it fits Carine's lifestyle. A new wardrobe has been added to cater to storage needs, while the addition of mirror-laminated swivel panels ensures that the sleeping area is awash with natural light, originating from the window.

Bringing Feminine Harmony to the Alcove

The alcove has been redecorated with soft, soothing colours which are enhanced with brass. The result is a feminine harmony that is not only comfortable and relaxing but also pleasing to the eye. With the transformation now complete, Carine has a truly unique living space that is sure to be the envy of many.

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