“White Month” Sale: Your Chance to Nab High-Quality Bedding Necessities

The cold season is the perfect time for updating your bedding collection with sets that are both attractive and reliable. This list features six high-quality options under 60 euros, perfectly suited for this purpose.

“White Month” – A Time-Honored French Tradition

The French tradition of the “White Month” is a promotional event that kicks off each year, focusing on a broad array of bedding and textiles. It's the perfect occasion to spruce up your living space with high-quality items that won't hurt your balance.

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During this period, are offered on a wide range of items, including sheets, duvets, pillows, and additional bedding accessories. The “White Month” is often hosted in January, an ideal time to refresh bedding supplies and gear up for the chilliest months of the year.

White Month 2024 – Key Dates

For the year , the official “White Month” dates are set from January 1st till 31st. Interestingly, some retailers turned an early leaf and started their promotions as early as December 26, .

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Premium Bed Linen at Discounted Prices

Several well-known and bedding brands offer premium bed linen at discounted prices during the “White Month”. Retailers such as BUT, La Redoute Intérieurs, and Maisons du Monde are known for offering discounts reaching up to 40%.

A Chance for Exceptional Deals

The “White Month” provides an opportunity to acquire stunning quality bedding sets from renowned French houses, like Anne de Solène. For instance, you may find gorgeous duvet covers priced at 63 euros rather than the standard 90 euros, offering a generous 30% off.

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