Exposing the Struggles of Gérard Depardieu: Properties Impossible to Sell?

Despite boasting an impressive portfolio, renowned French actor Gérard Depardieu appears to have difficulty offloading numerous properties.

Depardieu’s Wealth

Known for his acting prowess, Depardieu's net worth stands at an impressive 215 million euros. However, his reputation, once gleaming, has been stained by no less than 13 allegations of sexual misconduct that have surfaced over the years.

Unsold Mansion

Depardieu's luxurious Parisian mansion, situated in the fashionable 6th arrondissement on rue du Cherche-Midi, has remained unsold since it was first put up for sale in 2012. Initially listed at a hefty 50 million euros, the allegations of sexual misconduct against Depardieu might have played a role in deterring potential buyers.

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“White Cloud” Villa

The actor's Belgian , nicknamed “White Cloud”, faced a similar predicament. Purchased in 2013 for the sum of 1.2 million euros, the villa was transformed into a luxurious guest house. Despite being put on the market in 2019, it took two years to finally sell, at a price significantly less than its original estimated value of 800,000 euros. The villa finally sold for under 500,000 euros.

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Depardieu’s Other Assets

More recently, in 2019, Depardieu reportedly sold his -based restaurant, La Fontaine Gaillon, to a property company. In addition, the actor also placed his Tigné château, complete with its own vineyard, up for sale. Depardieu produces his own wine at the vineyard and has indicated that he plans to spend more time in France for filming than living. The sale status of this property remains unclear.

Interestingly, according to Belgian media, Depardieu still owns an array of outlets on rue du Cherche-Midi, including a Japanese grocery store, a bakery, a fishmonger, and a brewery.

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