You won’t believe Matt Pokora’s Lavish L.A. Lifestyle!

Join us on an intriguing journey through time as we chronicle the life of Matt Pokora – a key player in TF1's Dream Team, father of two, and a man with a penchant for moving between Los Angeles and frequently.

Life with Christina Milian

Marriage often brings change, and for Matt Pokora, a significant change was location. After tying the knot with Christina Milian – an American singer and actress – they together decided to ditch the posh Parisian suburb of Suresnes and embark on an adventure stateside.

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The Paris Chapter – Suresnes

In 2017, Pokora bid farewell to his cozy abode in Suresnes, which sold for a handsome sum of over a million euros. The 171 square meter house boasted three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large American style , not to mention its own gym. The transaction was handled by none other than the renowned agency of Stéphane Plaza.

The American Dream – Los Angeles

Post-sale, Pokora and Milian set their sights on Los Angeles, the city of angels. They settled in an impressive in Beverly Grove, with a price tag nearing 5 million dollars. The extraordinary villa spanned a massive 460 square meters, and came equipped with a cinema room, high-tech wine cellar, swimming pool and roof terrace. It even had an elevator for added convenience. But this too was not to be permanent, and was eventually put up for sale.

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A Return to Roots – Paris

In a surprising turn of events, Pokora and Milian decided in 2021 to pack their bags once more and head back to where it all began – Paris. The motivation behind this move was primarily to offer their children an upbringing rooted in the French educational system. True to their decision, their children commenced their schooling in France in September 2021.

Despite his frequent relocations, Pokora's current residence in Paris remains shrouded in mystery. His story remains a fascinating tale of a man perpetually in motion between Paris and Los Angeles.

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