The Hidden Jewel of Saint-Tropez: Behold the Grandeur of La Lorada

In the sunny South of France, nestled on a hilltop in , lies a of exceptional beauty and history. Welcome to La Lorada, the former abode of legendary musician .

Built in the year 1989, La Lorada predates Hallyday's union with Laeticia Hallyday. The unique name of the villa is actually a blend of ‘Laura' and ‘David', the names of Hallyday's offspring with Nathalie Baye and Sylvie Vartan respectively.

The Architectural Grandeur

The mastermind behind this spectacular villa is none other than the acclaimed architect, Roland Morisse. His inspiration draws heavily from Mexican hacienda, resulting in a luxurious abode that stands as one of the most admired properties in the French Riviera.

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Generously spread over an area of 1000 square meters, the villa comfortably accommodates a number of opulent features. These include a grand master suite, seven spacious bedrooms, a serene , and a luminous dining room. Not to mention, a marble-adorned that exudes elegance and charm.

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Outdoor Splendour

La Lorada's charm does not end with its interiors. The expansive two-hectare property houses a lush green space that stimulates tranquility. But the centerpiece of this outdoor paradise is undoubtedly the magnificent cascading swimming pool, accompanied by a large whirlpool bath for an indulgent soak.

Additional Facilities

Beyond the primary residence, the property also showcases additional structures – a studio that spans 38 square meters and a caretaker's house that covers a respectable 60 square meters.

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