The Sinister Reason Johnny Hallyday’s Favorite House Is Now Abandoned

If you're a fan of , you might be familiar with a certain house in Vallière, Creuse, France. This was a place he often visited, owned by Nathalie Baye, his partner at the time.


The house can be found in a hamlet south of Guéret, merely a few kilometers away from Aubusson.

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Hallyday’s Love for the Region

Hallyday was drawn to the region due to its freedom and simplicity. It provided an excellent backdrop for his favorite pastime – motorcycle riding.

Hallyday and Baye’s Time in the House

Throughout the 1980s, Hallyday and Baye would spend their vacations in this house. Unfortunately, their stay in the house ended with their separation.

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After the couple split, Baye held onto the house for a while but she eventually sold it. As per France Bleu, the sale took place around 10 years ago.

Current Ownership

Today, the house is in the possession of a private individual. Despite this, it remains completely abandoned.

Nostalgic Baye

During her visits to the Creuse region, Baye has often expressed a sense of nostalgia for the house.

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