Revamp Your Living Space in Sales Without Breaking the Bank!

If you're looking to revamp your living space without causing a dent in your wallet, the sales period is the perfect time. Trendy are on discount and here's everything you need to know about taking advantage of this opportunity.

Amazing Sofa Promotions

Popular brands are offering remarkable promotions on their chic sofas. For instance, La Redoute Intérieurs is putting forth a corner convertible sofa in ribbed velvet for a discounted price of € 974.25, a significant reduction from its original price of € 1299, saving you 25%. Similarly, Bobochic is offering a straight convertible sofa in boucle fabric at € 899, down from € 1049, a 14% reduction.

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Choosing the Right Sofa During Sales

While the excitement of sales might be overwhelming, it's necessary not to let the reduced prices make all the decisions for you. Ensure you measure the available space in your and consider the number of regular sofa users. Are you looking for a 2-seater, 3-seater, corner or modular sofa? Your decision should be guided by these factors.

While price is a factor, don't compromise on quality. Test different models for in-store or, if you're online, ensure the seller offers a flexible return policy. Also, check practical features such as the dimensions of the model you like and ensure it will fit through your doorways.

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Sofa Trends in 2024

Keep a lookout for some emerging trends this year as you shop. Expect to see sofas with irregular shapes, organic lines, and curves. Upholstery are also shifting from boucle wool to ribbed velvet and linen for elegance. The year also welcomes a new material, tweed, known for its grainy texture and retro appeal.

In terms of , think warm. Vermillion red, chocolate brown, and orange are setting the tone for a seventies-inspired theme. Whether you're going for a completely new look or just want to add a touch of trendiness to your living space, these trends are worth considering.

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