Is Your Home Stuck in the Past with Bohemian-Chic?

A once popular home decor trend, the bohemian-chic style, had its heyday in the 2010s. While much admired for its casual elegance, the style has evolved and certain elements are now considered passé.

The Bohemian-Chic Style Hallmarks

The bohemian-chic style was recognized for its ethnic inspirations that exuded a casual, cosy, and elegant vibe. It was an ode to travel and nature, blending a mix of patterns, colors, and materials.

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The emphasis was largely on textiles such as Berber rugs, fringed throws, and textured cushions. Despite its popularity, some aspects of this decor trend have become outdated and less creative.

Recognizing Outdated Bohemian-Chic Objects

Today, having these six items in your decor might give off an outdated feel:

  • Coarse macrame accessories
  • Dream catchers
  • Buddha sculptures
  • Rattan headboard

Modernizing the Bohemian-Chic Style

As we advance into , the focus shifts towards creativity, color, and authenticity. If you wish to modernize the bohemian-chic style, here are some tips:

  • Don't clutter your space with many accessories or materials
  • Choose high-quality decor items made from natural materials like wood, leather, or cotton
  • Shun the use of too much of the same material
  • Step away from a monochrome palette and incorporate more color for a modern look
  • Create contrast by pairing bohemian-chic items with timeless pieces
  • Go for minimalist and bright decor items, such as glass vases and light fixtures
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A Blend of Styles for a Unique Look

If you want your interior to be trendy and timeless, don't be confined to the bohemian-chic style. Blending this style with other design elements can create a unique and fresh decor that reflects your individuality.

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