Are You Truly Safe at Home? Orange Maison Protégée Might Be the Answer!

Looking for a complete solution? Look no further than Orange Maison Protégée. This all-inclusive home security package ensures your abode stays secure, offering you the peace of mind you deserve.

Robust Home Security Features from Orange Maison Protégée

Dedicated to ensuring you get the most effective security solutions, Orange Maison Protégée offers a variety of robust security measures. These include:

  • Reinforced doors and windows
  • Protective blinds
  • Sturdy locks
  • A comprehensive alarm system featuring remote monitoring and connected sensors.

Orange Maison Protégée doesn't just provide rigid security solutions. For every new home, a qualified technician performs a diagnostic evaluation to assess specific needs, ensuring a personalized and efficient safety setup. This includes the prompt installation of sensors and a diligent remote surveillance service.

Special Discount for New Subscriptions

There's some good news if you're considering a new subscription. Until 31/01/, new subscribers receive a €10 discount on the regular monthly rate for an entire year. That's a fantastic saving of €120 over the period!

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Choose a Package that Suits You

To cater to varied needs, Orange Maison Protégée offers two packages:

  • Apartment pack at a reduced price of €19.99/month, down from €29.99
  • House pack also available at €29.99/month, a discount on the usual €39.99

All-Round Protection with Orange Maison Protégée

Orange Maison Protégée offers an APSAD-certified, 24/7 remote surveillance service based right here in France. Upon receiving an alert, operators verify it immediately. In case of a confirmed intrusion, authorities or a security agent are promptly contacted, and measures are put in place to guard the property until you return.

With this service, your security equipment comes included with your subscription. This encompasses a range of devices from shock and opening detectors, a motion detector with image capture, infrared motion detectors suitable for night and pets' presence, an alarm center, command keyboard with integrated siren, to access badges. You can even add on optional equipment like a wireless external siren, a presence simulator, or a smoke detector, as needed.

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Worried about power or internet outages? With Orange Maison Protégée, your system stays functional, thanks to the built-in battery with 24-hour autonomy and switch-over to the Orange mobile network.

Control Your Security System Remotely

Manage your safety setup through the Orange Maison Protégée mobile app, available on Android and iOS. With this app, you can receive notifications like your children's return from school, view images or videos through the Indoor Camera option, and even deactivate your system when you need to.

For residents with a house package, they can opt for outdoor video protection at an extra €8 per month. This includes a battery-powered camera with a solar panel.

Your Peace of Mind With Orange Maison Protégée

In summary, Orange Maison Protégée provides a comprehensive safety solution. This includes a personalized needs diagnosis and equipment installation, all without any equipment purchase fees. Your property stays fully protected even during internet or power outages, thanks to the APSAD-certified, round-the-clock remote surveillance center. The package even includes a dedicated app for remote control of your setup. Secure your home with Orange Maison Protégée.

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