The Undeniable Truth: How an Apartment Renovation Means Life Transformation

When city life gets too loud, creating a tranquil retreat at can be a lifesaver. A recent renovation of a New York apartment by Sissy + Marley achieved just that, turning a Manhattan dwelling into a serene .


The revamped apartment is nestled in the heart of the West Village in Manhattan. The tranquil aesthetic of the area seeps into the apartment, creating a peaceful environment within the city's constant buzz.

Design Approach

The designers' approach was simple: create a calm space that shields the owner from the city's hustle. As soon as you step into the 158m2 apartment, the open living area pulls you into a welcoming atmosphere. This space includes a lounge, dining room, and an inviting . Additionally, the apartment is fitted with three comfortable bedrooms.

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Interior Choices

This sense of calm is further enhanced by the use of neutral colors throughout the living areas. The limited color palette not only adds aesthetic appeal but also gives the illusion of a larger, brighter apartment. The addition of natural fabrics in varying shades of white beautifully mirrors the natural light streaming in from the large windows.

Materials & Textures

Despite the neutral tones, the interior is far from bland. The designers cleverly incorporated textures and character-rich to liven up the space. Elements of leather and brass add dimension and maintain the apartment's timeless appeal.

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The resulted in a minimalist, cozy living space that provides a visually balanced aesthetic. This balance imparts a sense of tranquility that allows the homeowner to escape the city's frenzy.

A New Chapter

This transformation did not only change the face of the apartment but also coincided with a significant milestone in the owner's life. She found out she was expecting early in the project's process and welcomed her newborn a few weeks after completion. The newly refurbished apartment now stands as a perfect starting point for her new chapter in motherhood.

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