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With the dawn of just around the corner, the spotlight is now on interior that are set to give homes a fresh and revamped look.

Transform Your Interiors

When it comes to , the use of high-quality materials has always been preferred. These materials, often referred to as “durable, timeless coverings,” aim to transform the look and feel of a 's interiors, lending it a distinct personality.

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Materials To Sidestep in 2024

The upcoming year rings in the changes with several materials falling out of favour. Linoleum, for instance, despite its eco-friendly nature, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness, has its drawbacks. It is not particularly heat-resistant, can react adversely to certain cleaning products, and trails behind more aristocratic materials like parquet in terms of perceived quality.

Another material on the decline is laqué glass. The trend now leans towards the adoption of mattified materials. Additionally, the use of excessive brass, which harks back to the frequently utilised Art Deco atmospheres, is on the wane.

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Materials To Embrace in 2024

2024 is predicted to be the year of bold experimentation in terms of interior design materials. Unusual materials such as stucco, lime, pink marble, and sea rush are likely to make a splash.

Timeless Materials Retained Over The Years

Not all are fleeting. Some materials transcend the limitations of time and fashion, continuing to hold their own in interior design. Dark wood, for example, infuses a room with a sense of warmth and seriousness. Other materials like Zellige, waxed concrete, and tiles have also demonstrated enduring popularity over the years.

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