Could Your Home be at Risk? Learn About Affordable Security Solutions

With the advancement in technology, securing your has become more affordable and easier to navigate. From alarm systems, video surveillance systems to detectors and dissuasive plaques, you have a plethora of options for protecting your property. Uncover the different types and services of home security systems available in the market today.

Alarm Systems

Two primary types of alarm systems include wired and wireless, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Wired systems offer a stable connection but may be challenging to install, while wireless systems offer easy setup and flexibility.

Types of Services

Alarm systems can be either self-monitoring, where you'll receive a notification on your device when the alarm is triggered, or remote monitoring, where a professional security service monitors your home for any unusual activity.

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Equipment Involved

Alarm systems often involve a central alarm, video surveillance system, and detectors. There are special devices available for pet owners to prevent false alarms caused by pets moving around the home.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance is another effective way to monitor your property. The choice between outdoor and indoor surveillance depends on your needs. Outdoor surveillance systems must be weather-resistant and high definition with night vision to capture activities clearly. On the other hand, indoor surveillance is subject to privacy regulations and is commonly used for monitoring the interior when away.

Connection Options

Video surveillance systems can be connected either through a wired connection or wirelessly via wifi. Despite the convenience, remember that it's prohibited to film public roads due to privacy concerns.

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Detectors play a pivotal role in home security systems. They come in various forms, including motion detectors that can detect intruders within a range of several meters and trigger an alarm. Shock and opening detectors are typically installed on doors and windows and can signal an attempted forced entry. Additionally, smoke detectors provide in case of fire and can be connected to a remote monitoring service for added security.

Dissuasive Plaques

Dissuasive plaques are preventive devices aimed at deterring potential burglars. Made from durable material like PVC or stickers, these plaques serve as a cost-effective way to discourage burglars. For optimal effect, they must be placed where they are visible from outside the property.

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