What You Must Never Do When Decorating Your Bathroom

If you are planning to redecorate your bathroom, choosing the right colors can play a pivotal role in setting the desired ambiance. The right shades can transform a small, dim washroom into a bright and spacious sanctuary.

Best Color Choices for Bathrooms

Light and neutral shades are often top choices when it comes to bathroom color schemes. Colors like white, beige, and pastel shades are a few good examples. They significantly contribute to creating a relaxing atmosphere and making the area seem much larger. Additionally, these shades can easily blend in with various decorative elements and accessories.

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The list of bathroom-friendly colors doesn't stop here. Other suitable choices include light blue, sage green, and powder pink. If you fancy a bit more intensity, deep shades such as forest green, night blue, or terracotta can also be considered but should be used sparingly.

Bathroom Color Trends for 2023/2024

Looking ahead to and 2024, the trend in bathroom decoration is leaning towards a more nature-inspired palette. Some trendy shades include:

  • Sage green
  • Forest green
  • Blue-gray
  • Night blue
  • Woody and earthy colors
  • Dusty pink
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Colors to Avoid in Bathrooms

On the contrary, not all colors are appropriate for bathrooms. According to experts, the following shades should be avoided:

  • Deep black
  • Vibrant red
  • Bright yellow
  • Electric blue or cyan blue
  • Bright orange
  • Turquoise green
  • Dark gray
  • Candy pink
  • Pure white

These colors can make the space seem smaller, hinder relaxation, or simply clash with common bathroom fixtures and accessories. Remember, the aim is to create a soothing and serene bath space, so choose your colors wisely!

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