Revamp Your House With Miliboo’s Organic “Libre Courbe” Collection

Step into the world of organic aesthetics with Miliboo's newest offering, the “Libre Courbe” collection, endorsed by the revered Emmanuelle Rivassoux.

The Libre Courbe collection is a holistic solution for anyone looking to revamp their house. With a diverse range of products that include a uniquely designed, bean-shaped sofa, a vintage school desk featuring curved edges, and a raffia lampshade, the collection spreads its wings to encompass every corner of your house.

Organic Aesthetics at its Best

Living up to its name, the Libre Courbe collection is a testament to the organic trend in interior . The comforting and warm atmosphere crafted by the thoughtful use of curves and lines pays homage to the of nature and wellness. This collection is not just about beautiful ; it's about creating a space that promotes well-being.

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Noble Materials and Soothing Colors

The Libre Courbe collection showcases an array of noble materials such as mango wood, raffia, cotton, cane, and metal. Further enhancing the organic aesthetics, these materials are shaped to emulate natural forms and contours. The palette of the collection is equally soothing, with soft gradients of green, beige, and sand adding a touch of tranquility to any living space.

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An Inside Look at the Collection

The “Libre Courbe” collection is to some distinctive pieces, each bringing their unique charm:

  • The French-made “SACHA” convertible sofa boasts a bean-shaped design, embodying a blend of traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation.
  • The “AMBER” chair features a round silhouette and a velvet textured fabric, offering 360-degree swivel for unrivaled versatility.
  • The “PYRUS” table lamp boasts organic lines and a unique stone effect. Its raffia lampshade and white ceramic base are not just functional but also serve as an authentic piece.

With its emphasis on originality, design, and practicality, the Libre Courbe collection by Miliboo is more than just a range of furniture – it's a choice.

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